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Mayor Hicks-Hudson understands that safe and livable neighborhoods are the backbone of our city. She has made it her priority her first two years leading Toledo and this issue  will continue to be a pillar in her platform.

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson has removed unsightly abandoned structures in conjunction with the Lucas County Land Bank (more than 450 structures demolished YTD in 2016)

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson tripled Free Bulk pick up from once per quarter to once per month and passed the Lead Safe Ordinance

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson rejuvenated the Toledo Youth Commission with new leadership and active programming with organizations such as Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Government (TMACOG)


A livable wage and economic stability are critical for a city to thrive and prosper. Mayor Hicks-Hudson has been working hard to bring stake holders together so we all do better in Toledo!

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson through collaboration has more than $3 billion invested in Toledo by Dana, Chrysler, General Motors, DMS, as well as many others. These companies and others have committed to the creation or retention of over 10,000 jobs.

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson developed a strong partnership with ProMedica which has spurred a multi-million dollar investment in downtown, which will bring nearly 1,000 employees to Toledo's central business district. 

"$700 million investments bring steel, jobs to Toledo" - Toledo Blade, June 2017

Economy & Efficient Government

Safety services, clean water, and improving our streets make Toledo a great place to start a family or business!

  • Under Mayor Hicks-Hudson, $41 million has been spent on water treatment plant upgrades. $521 million has been spent to construct projects that improve the quality of water returned to the watershed. Additionally, Mayor Hicks-Hudson partnered to improve our source of water in Lake Erie (Nutrient Source Inventory and lobbied Congress to strengthen the Clean Water Act).

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson has shown a commitment to fix the streets through every means possible.  40 road miles in 2015, 54 in 2016, and more than 60 road miles in 2017.

  • Mayor Hicks-Hudson has been dedicated to insuring health and safety. She added police and fire classes, reinstated the Police Review Board,  and invested in body cameras and deceleration training for all police officers.

"MAYOR HICKS HUDSON has managed a city emerging from fiscal crisis of the Great Recession and has added $7 million to the city budget for street repairs" - Toledo Blade, March 14, 2017

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